Kathmandu, Nepal
This is the story of two little children.

A porter guide, Name: D.B.( Dan Bahadur Rai ) Gudel, Solukhumbu.
had been trekking with me since long time as a porter for the Everest Trek. He was very hard working. Later he was staying at Lukla with his wife and Child. Already he had a daughter. And later his wife gave birth to a baby boy in February 2010. And after one week , D.B. has expired due to illness in the hospital in Lukla. The two children had lost their father forever and was staying with young mother, but 2 years later their mother died too due to failure of both her kidneys. The two Children were without parents and had nothing at Lukla.
There were 2 years old baby boy and 5 years old baby girl.
I have seen there was very difficult situation for the children when I was coming back from the Trek. After lots of legal complications, I took both children to Kathmandu and have been taking care of them. They go to school with my younger daughter. I had already had 2 children from my side and now I have 4 Children in my family.

This was about the story of the 2 children.


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