Festivals & Events

There are more than 50 major festivals in a year celebrated in Nepal. Festivals in Nepal begin with religion, ending as social event. Although most of these festivals are religious some have historical significance, while others are seasonal and legendary celebrations.
The dates of most festivals are fixed by famous astrologers after consulting the lunar calendar. The biggest and most popular festivals are: Dashain, a celebration of Goddess Durga victory over evil Mahisashur; and Tihar, a celebration of lights dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi.
It is not hard to catch colorful processions in different streets of the Valley almost every other day of the week. Cultural acts of dances and songs are integral parts of some celebrations while some celebrations are just quiet family gatherings. Grand celebrations like GhodeJatra and GaiJatra entertain participants and spectators every year.

Nepal Festivals Calendar for 2014 (2070 BS)

Wednesday     January 1 2014             New Year 2014 CE

Wednesday     January 8                      Chandra Grahan

Wednesday     January 15                    MaghSankrati

Thursday        January 30                    Martyrs Day

Friday             January 31                    SonamLhosar (see December 30)

Tuesday          February 4                    SaraswatiJayanti, BasantPanchami

Wednesday     February 19                  Democracy Day

Thursday        February 27                  MahaShivaratri

Sunday           March 2                        GyalpoLhosar (see December 30)

Saturday         March 8                        NariDiwas (Women's Day)

Sunday           March 16                      Holi

Sunday           March 30                      GhoraJatra, the horse festival

Monday          April 7                          ChaiteDashain

Tuesday          April 8                          Ram Jayanti

Sunday           April 13                        Last day of 2070



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