Preparation & Equipment

What to bring:

To get to Nepal, take your normal suitcase or large travel pack with a couple of padlocks, and bring your smaller trekking day pack inside or as hand luggage. While you are away on your trek, you can leave your city clothes locked away in your suitcase and placed in safe storage at your arrival hotel. It will be ready for your collection when you return.
We suggest you use the items below as a check list when you pack. Toiletries such as tissues, toilet paper, wet wipes, sunscreen, toothpaste etc are all readily available in Kathmandu. All trekking clothes and equipment are also available, but of variable quality.

Checklist - Essential on all treks


Trekking Boots/Footwear
Camp/Lodge footwear (eg runners, sandals)
Thermal Underwear (long sleeve tops and pants)
Walking trousers and/or long shorts (jeans are not suitable)
Weatherproof jacket
Weatherproof trousers
T-shirts - preferably quick dry & smp; with good moisture wicking properties
Polar fleece pullover(s) and/or jacket
Sun hat,Globes, Neck scarf and Sunglasses
Down booties (available in Kathmandu for about US$10)


Day Pack
torch -small flashlight or head torch. Spare batteries
ersonal first aid supplies and medicine
mall towel and toiletries, Lip balm,Sunscreen
Water carrying capacity of at least 2 litres
amera, film, spare batteries, battery recharge


Money Belt + Padlocks
Passport + Visa
Airline Ticket
Cash / Travellers Cheques
Passport photos bring several. You will need at least two if obtaining your visa on arrival
Insurance Policy

Also essential on all climbing/ mountaineering trips

Waterproof Trekking Boots - leather or goretex
Bigger day pack - 50+ litres
Good quality waterproof & windproof outer layer - trousers, jacket and gloves
Head torch rather than a hand-held one
Plastic boots (available for hire in Kathmandu for approx US$ 3/day)
Ensure you have enough warm layers, socks and gloves. Bring extra!

Other items worth considering

Snacks such as glucose-based sweets/nuts/chocolates etc.
Walking poles - available for hire in Kathmandu
Playing cards, tennis ball, Frisbee etc
Dust mask or light scarf
Travel alarm clock
Ear plugs
Biodegradable laundry soap
Thermarest for camping treks
Silk inner sheet

Project Sherpa will provided

Camping treks
2-person tent
Sleeping Mat
Kit bags

Climbing treks

Crampons, Harness and Ice Axe
Prussic Loops and/or Jumar, Carabiners

Treat your drinking water with iodine or chlorine solutions. Carry some medicines for diarrhoea in case of an emergency. At higher altitudes, to protect yourself against the sun, take a good pair of sunglasses and apply maximum protection sunscreen. If you are walking over snow, mountaineering glasses with sidepieces are necessary.
Carry lightweight collapsible trekking poles for extra support while walking. Elastic supports or bandages can also help if your ankle or knee is strained. The most important thing is to be fit and healthy before starting the journey.
As for safety, it is advisable not to trek alone. As far as possible, travel in groups. Do not make ostentatious displays of valuables. Always lock the lodge door and make sure someone is attending to your valuables.



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